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West Ada School District Hoping to Pass the $500 Million Plant Facility Levy on the Ballot

West Ada School District Hoping to Pass the 0 Million Plant Facility Levy on the Ballot

BOISE, Idaho – School districts often put bonds on the ballot to supplement state funding. They are usually for big dollar and involve multiple projects at the expense of district taxpayers.

Typically, bond money is used to help pay for salaries and basic district operations, as well as large upgrade projects and new facilities.

This year, the West Ada School District is changing it up a bit.

WASD is submitting a supplemental funding request in the form of the Plant Facilities Levy (PFL) … and they are asking taxpayers to approve $500 million to address development, repair and maintenance issues and overall improvements in all supplies $50 million per year for 10 years. District Schools.

Plant levy facilities projects can address a building’s systems, such as air conditioning, HVAC and plumbing, or its physical structures, such as windows, restrooms, kitchens and gyms. Funds taken from plant facilities should be used for school construction and improvements. Legally it cannot be used for operational expenses, salary or anything else.

what does it have

The proposed plan calls for $172 million in major projects and renovations to existing schools, including Barbara Morgan STEM, Centennial HS, Eagle HS, Lake Hazel Elementary, Lake Hazel Middle, Lowell Scott Middle, Meridian Elementary and Ustic Elementary.

$32 million in new playground equipment for all elementary schools is underway.

Two new elementary schools are proposed $70 million each to address the growth at Star, Eagle and Meridian.

A new Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center comes in at $100 million.

The remaining funds will cover repairs and upgrades at all school sites, including roof repairs, equipment upgrades, safety and security improvements, new carpet and paint, parking lot repairs and other capital improvements.

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how are we affected

If approved, the PFL would add approximately $89 per year to the $100,000 taxable assessed value. So if your home has a taxable assessed value of $500,000, you’ll pay an additional $445 per year for 10 years.

How is PFL different from Bond?

The major differences between a PFL and a bond are the required voter approval percentage, cash flow and borrowing options.

West ADA School District Bond vs. Levy

West Ada School District

Another big difference is the interest paid by the district. According to the district website, the PFL will save taxpayers $255 million in interest.

WASD Bonds vs. PFL Tax Effects

West Ada School District

The PFL will be up on May 16 for voters to decide. More information can be found on the West Ada School District website, Westada.org,

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