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Toblerone lifts mountain on packaging over Swissness act

Toblerone lifts mountain on packaging over Swissness act

Toblerone chocolate bar packaging will no longer feature the same image that represents the top of the iconic Matterhorn mountain, located in the Alps between Switzerland and Italy.

Chocolate brand parent company Mondelez International confirms Swiss outlet Aargau newspaper that the image in the packaging would be replaced with a more geometric “streamlined mountain logo” that would align with the triangular aesthetic of the package’s shape.

However, the effort is also being portrayed as a way for the company not to violate Switzerland’s “Swissness Act”, enacted in 2017.

The law says it is an attempt to “prevent” the “misuse” of products from Switzerland, as they “are also being used more frequently by free riders.”

Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Said“The new ‘Swissness’ law therefore strengthens the protection for the ‘Made in Switzerland’ designation and the Swiss cross. It helps to prevent and prevent their misuse, so that the value of the ‘Swiss’ brand is protected for a longer period of time could.”

Mondelez announced last year that it would outsource some of its production to Bratislava to cut costs, Semaphore informed of,

The Toblerone factory in Bern, Switzerland, will remain open, but it was not immediately certain what impact the change will have on production.

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