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House moves to ban "sex exhibitions" in public

House moves to ban "sex exhibitions" in public

House Bill 231A bill aimed at limiting “sexual exhibitions” in public places, originally drafted by the Idaho Family Policy Center (IFPC) and supported by Senator Ben Towes, has been approved by a House committee and is now headed to the floor. Used to be.

If signed into law, the bill seeks to ban the use of public facilities and public property for live performances of sexual conduct and give people the ability to sue organizers of events that allow children access. don’t ban.

Many believe there is also an intention to bar drag shows from public property.

“It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about sexually explicit strip teases…or drag shows…neither in a public park, facility, or any other place where children are present,” Blaine Conzatti Says President, IFPC

Those opposed to the bill say that drag is a form of self-expression and can be a life-saver.

Idaho News 6 heard from several of them recently, addressing letters to local legislators.

“The art of drag, it’s so important to us because, for some performers, it’s saved their lives. It’s allowed them to convey a message to the community, as well as educate others in the community, so It’s a beautiful art form that allows us to represent who we are, who we love, and where we’re from,” says Jahzeel Holley-Maldonado.

Several other states are considering similar restrictions. Today, Tennessee became the first state this year to ban drag performances, with Gov. Bill Lee signing the bill into law.

In Arkansas, Gov. Gary Stubblefield has signed a bill banning “adult-oriented” demonstrations.

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