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Ypsilanti JV basketball player attacked by spectator during game

Ypsilanti JV basketball player attacked by spectator during game

YPSILANTI, Michigan (WXYZ) – A high school basketball game was brought to an abrupt end after a fan attacked a player on the court.

The incident happened Tuesday evening at Ypsilanti Community High School, when the boys’ junior varsity team was playing Adrian High School.

“My reaction was just shock. I didn’t know what to think or do,” said viewer Connor Barrus.

Barros took some video after the event was over. He says that the spectator running onto the court was doing the sidelines during the game.

According to the Ypsilanti Community School District, two spectators ran onto the court and attacked a JV player as he was guarding an Adrian player with the ball.

“Right when I turn my head, the same kid who was going back and forth in the gym pounces on this player,” Barrus said. “He just tosses this JV kid down from Ypsilanti and starts battering him, throwing punches at him on the court.”

Administrators, staff and spectators tried to defuse the situation before Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputies arrived. The teams were then taken off the court with the rest of the JV game and the following Varsity game called off.

In a letter to parents, Ypsilanti Community Schools Assistant Superintendent Carlos Lopez said:

“At Ypsilanti Community Schools, we continually work to create a safe environment for our students, our families and our visitors. We are proud of our Ypsilanti Community Schools District and school administrators, coaches and staff who have created a safe environment for children They’ve worked hard to build a safer community. All of us.”

The letter also states that no arrests have been made. Adrian Schools stated that the man who ran the court was not a student of Adrian or Ypsilanti.

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No one was reported to be injured.

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