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There are currently over 4,000 missing persons in Michigan

There are currently over 4,000 missing persons in Michigan

(WXYZ) โ€” Teri Daniels’ daughter, Krista, went missing in April 2020.

Terry Daniels said, “Unfortunately, cases go cold and leads stop. That’s why it’s so important to keep these victims’ names out there so we can still find them.”

She told 7 Action News witnesses with Krista that on the night of April 22, 2020, a man saw a man drive up and shoot the 42-year-old woman, put her body in his vehicle and drive away. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since, and no leads have been found.

โ€œThree bodies have been discovered in the last three or four weeks. Two of them are remains, skeletal remains. So, whenever a skeleton remains, your anxiety increases. You hope it’s your daughter,” Daniels said.

He said that the feeling of not knowing is a never ending pain.

Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said there are more than 4,000 missing persons in the state, a quarter of whom are children.

He said that every situation is different. From abductions to freedmen to fugitives, which can be a gateway for human trafficking. But, he said that each case needs to be investigated and taken seriously.

“The more time that passes between when someone actually reports it and when we start to get involved, it certainly makes it harder for us to investigate that complaint,” Shaw said.

Anthony Jones with Crime Stoppers of Michigan said it’s sometimes difficult for families to come forward, preferring to stay out of the spotlight.

“A lot of families, they may be concerned about their reputation and make false accusations,” Jones said.

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He told us that there are many success stories which do not turn out to be a windfall. The biggest key is for witnesses to come forward.

“The smallest detail can be the missing link,” Jones said.

If you know anything about any missing or unsolved cases, and wish to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

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