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Scientist Fired After Climate Protest, Sen. Ed Markey Demands Answers

Scientist Fired After Climate Protest, Sen. Ed Markey Demands Answers

one in Letter Sen. Ed Markey sent a letter to the American Geophysical Union on Friday demanding answers behind the 2022 expulsion of two climate scientists who oppose climate change and urging his fellow scientists to join.

In December, Dr. Rose Abramoff and Dr. Peter Kalmus were expelled from the 2022 Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Chicago. business Insider informed at that time.

Markey said in his letter, “…the AGU expelled him from the conference, threatened him with arrest if he returned, and complained directly to his employers, apparently leading to Dr. Abramoff’s firing.” ” “I fear this widespread response to a peaceful protest will have a chilling effect on scientifically informed activism by climate scientists and urge the AGU to act unnecessarily and disproportionately for climate-induced civil disobedience in the future.” Don’t react.”

During the conference, Abramoff and Kalmus took a stage and unfurled a banner that read, “Out of the lab and into the streets.” The banner was taken down, per a Video tweeted by Kalams, and both were escorted off stage. Both were greeted with applause by the audience.

“According to Dr. Abramoff, she and Dr. Kalmus then withdrew their research from the conference program, were expelled from the conference, threatened with arrest if they returned, and were suspended by the AGU for their were the subject of complaints sent to employers,” Markey said in his letter.

Abramoff was fired from Oak Ridge National Laboratory for his actions and “because I misused government resources by engaging in a personal activity while on a work trip and because I did not comply with its Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct, ” he wrote in an op-ed to the new York Times,

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Markey noted in his letter that the conference hosted the former president of Costa Rica, who spoke of the “moral and ethical responsibility” of climate scientists to place science “at the center of political action”, and how it is ‘right ‘doing things’ becomes very unpopular.'” Markey said that the American Geophysical Union “supports policymakers seeking solutions to climate change” and “offers monetary rewards to scientists who engage in climate communication.”

“Protest may not be convenient or popular,” Markey’s letter read. “It may disrupt and get in the way. But this kind of disruption is nothing compared to the planet-wide disruptions that climate change is already wreaking. This upheaval will be even worse if We do not implement the ‘rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’ that the science demands to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Kalmus, a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, made Headlines In April 2022 when he and other climate scientists chained themselves to the door of a JPMorgan Chase bank in downtown Los Angeles. The bank was selected for funding “more new fossil fuel projects than any other bank” according to the Climate Report. “Banking on Climate Chaos.”

Below are the senator’s questions for the American Geophysical Union, with a request for answers by February 20.

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