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Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson Joins Bill to Reform Veteran Healthcare

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson Joins Bill to Reform Veteran Healthcare

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson joins in to introduce him to Veterans Affairs Chairman, Mike Bose HR 592, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Electronic Health Records Modernization Reform Act, The purpose of the legislation is to further protect veterans’ access to quality healthcare.

If passed, the EHRM Reform Act outlines criteria to prevent the VA from implementing its new electronic health records system at the Boise VA Medical Center unless the system configuration is correct for the site. But the staff and infrastructure are adequately prepared, and confirmed. That the EHR will not adversely affect wait times, patient safety or quality.

The bill would also prevent the VA from beginning “go-live” preparation activities until the system has been certified for 99.9% uptime for at least four months, and all improvements listed on the contract for the developers have been completed. have happened

The EHR was originally scheduled for roll-out at the Boise VAMC in June 2022, but has now been delayed to sometime in 2024.

Congressman Simpson’s concern about the EHR system stems from problems experienced and documented from the original deployment in Spokane.

“This bill is an important step forward in ensuring the EHR is safe and effective before it is implemented at any other VA facility,” Simpson said.

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