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Ice, Ice, Baby!: Ice fishermen race last minute before warm-up

Ice, Ice, Baby!: Ice fishermen race last minute before warm-up

Kent County, Michigan — This weekend people took advantage of the cooler weather.

Many took their fishing poles to the frozen lakes in West Michigan. Many were worried that this might be the last chance, as we are expecting warmer weather this week.

Nick Staffan and his friends had gear as they headed out to Dean Lake.

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“I mean, just excited to be here. You know, it’s like when you wake up at 6 in the morning for work, when you wake up at 6 in the morning to go fishing it’s hard to get up, you go to bed right out,” Staffan said.

A group of friends turned up early, and it paid off for Staffan’s friend.

“It’s so exciting; the flag came up, and sure enough, it was the farthest from the hut. So, we had to walk a solid 100 yards to get to it, and we didn’t think there was anything over there for a minute until he feels stressed.

On the other end was a 19-inch largemouth bass.

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nick staffon

“Beautiful round belly. Really we’re coming here to get some pike on the tip-up, but we’ll take anything that wants to bite,” Staffan said.

The three friends weren’t the only ones on Dean Lake.

Jeff Conner told Fox 17, “The weather has been really bad. There’s no snow. It’s the first day I’ve been out.”

The snow was about three inches thick in some parts, enough for Conner to be outside.

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“I just love ice fishing. It means relaxation; like, it’s nice and beautiful today,” Conner said.

He was hoping to catch a big one himself, but instead settled for a few bluegills.

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“I love it. ‘It goes back right?’ Yeah, it goes right back. ‘Do you think it’s the same guy coming back?'”

“Same down there. Same bite over and over again,” Conner said.

Not far from Conner, Staffan finds a piece of himself and some luck of his own. He later sent us this photo of his latest catch, a pike that measured approximately 29 inches.

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nick staffon

Staffan told us that this trip was about much more than just fishing.

“Anytime you can get with the boys, it’s a good time,” Staffan said.

Michigan DNR reminds people to stay safe if they are out on the snow. you can read them Here,

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