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Hawaii embraces diversity in 2023 legislative session

Hawaii embraces diversity in 2023 legislative session

HONOLULU (KHON2) – As one of a handful of states in the US to institutionalize hate and harassment, Hawaii, which is actively bucking the trend, is on track to become one of the most actively supportive states for LGBTQ2+ citizens. ready for.

The Stonewall Caucus announced today that its work with the Hawaii Legislature has produced more pro-LGBTQIA+ bills than in any other single year in the state of Hawaii’s history. It was till 25 January.

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On Friday, February 3, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary announced a more pro-LGBTQ2+ hearing to be held on Thursday, February 9. The chairman of the committee is Sen. Carl Rhodes.

โ€œThe Stonewall Caucus is extremely excited about the direction of the 2023 Legislative Session. From the number and diversity of pro-LGBTQIA+ bills to the fact that some of them have already received hearings, we look forward to a historic outcome from this legislative session. said Michael Golozuk, junior chair of the Stonewall Caucus.

SB 109 The Bill replaces the gender-specific terminology used in adoption and divorce cases with gender-neutral terminology.

SB 110 There is a bill that requires gender-specific terminology to be used in a gender-neutral manner in matters of adoption and divorce.

SB 130 – The bill allows state courts not to enforce a child custody determination of a foreign country if the law of the foreign country provides for the death penalty for apostasy, religious or political beliefs, or homosexuality, and the parent or child is under Demonstrates the risk of being law. The Bill defines “apostasy”. In general terms, the definition of apostasy is when a person departs from religion, principles, party, cause etc…

SB 944 The bill allows a task force set up to recommend amendments to update existing parentage laws that reflect outdated, cis-heteronormative concepts of families, paternity, and parental rights by December 31, 2024. Extends and modifies. The definition of cis-heteronormative in general terms is a person who embraces specific binary tropes for identity purposes.

โ€œI’ve been advocating for justice at the Hawaii State Capitol for more than 20 years, and I’ve never seen a session like this. I’ve already had the privilege of testifying in favor of so many bills that will help bring justice and equality to Hawaii’s LGBTQIA+ community,” Goljuk, Jr. explained.

โ€œWe do not take any of these bills or hearings lightly and are grateful for the support our causes are receiving. We know that one of the reasons for this surge of pro-LGBTQIA+ bills is due in part to Rep. Adrian Tam and Sen. Chris Lee leading the way in forming the Equality Caucus in 2022,” Golojach, Jr. said.

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According to the Stonewall Caucus, Hawaii purposefully stands in the gap to protect some of society’s most vulnerable populations. With direct attacks on transgender and non-binary communities on the mainland, the state of Hawaii seeks to protect all of its citizens.

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