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Family: Man shot dead by Ohio police while cleaning late grandmother’s house

Family: Man shot dead by Ohio police while cleaning late grandmother’s house

Wyoming, Ohio – About a man who was shot by police this week in Wyoming, Ohio 12 miles north He died of his injuries at a hospital in Cincinnati, according to a coroner’s report from Ohio’s Hamilton County.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said three officers were dispatched to a home in the city of about 9,000 at about 12:40 a.m. Monday for a report of a possible burglary.

When officers arrived, they said they encountered two men behind an empty house, according to Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey.

Police Chief Brooke Brady said Tuesday that the men were identified as Joe Fraser and his father. Family members at Monday night’s vigil for Fraser said the two were not burglarizing the house, adding that it belonged to a relative who had recently died.

On Wednesday, Wyoming police said Frasur’s father was no longer “sought by police,” but would not provide any other details.

The 911 caller who dispatched police to the residence said he believed the home must have been vacant.

Investigators said the two men did not respond to officers’ commands and attempted to leave the scene. Brady said body-worn cameras captured Fraseur refusing to exit a minivan in the back of a driveway. Brady said Fraser reversed the vehicle “at high speed” before hitting a tree and heading towards officers.

Shonda Coleman, a sister, commented on police statements claiming that orders made, “I didn’t hear anything like that. I didn’t hear any orders. All I heard was pop, pop, pop, pop. Like, it was like 10 rounds,” he said.

He said officers fired four shots at Fressure before he crashed the minivan into a building. Fraser was then pulled from the vehicle and taken to a hospital where officials said he was listed in serious condition.

Fraser’s brother, Joseph Fraser Jr., claims that his brother was shot in the back of his head.

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“Three times,” he said. “You know that if you’re in the back of the head, that means you’re not a threat?”

Fresure’s family said he was brain dead.

On Wednesday, the coroner’s office said Fraser died but did not immediately release the specific cause and manner.

Brady said the body camera footage has been turned over to the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office. Officials are yet to release the video. The prosecutor’s office is expected to hold a press conference on Friday to provide additional information.

This story was originally published wcpo Cincinnati, Ohio was added later with the addition of Scripps News.

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