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Detroit gas station clerk charged with shooting innocent customer

Detroit gas station clerk charged with shooting innocent customer

DETROIT (WXYZ) – A gas station clerk is being charged with attempted murder in connection with a shooting on Detroit’s west side.

It happened around 4 a.m. on January 13 in Marathon at Plymouth Road and Schaefer Highway. 7 Action News obtained video of the incident from the attorney for the man who was shot.

Tyree Parker says he stopped at a gas station for a late night snack. He says that when things went wrong, some people were creating trouble inside.

According to Parker, the clerk fired at the men as they fled with bags of potato chips and honey buns.

“Even when I sleep sometimes, I see his face,” Parker said. “It’s just the barrel of a gun.”

Parker says he used to get into specific marathons all the time. He knew the clerk by face, but not by name.

“There was never an argument,” Parker said. “There was never a problem with the boy or anything.”

On the night of January 13, Parker stopped by a friend for breakfast around 4 a.m.

Surveillance video shows him walking inside while the clerk is talking to a group of people.

“They decided they were going to steal and they turned to me and said, ‘Do you want anything out of here, bro?'” Parker said. “No. I don’t know these people, never seen these people. They start snatching chips and two honey buns.”

Shortly after, the video shows the clerk cocking his gun. He drew his gun from behind the counter and fired at the men.

They got away, the video shows. And in the end, Parker leaves the store only to realize that he was shot in the leg.

“I’m telling him, ‘Man, you shot me, call 911.’ And he said, ‘No, no, take whatever you want. Bring the chips, whatever you want.’ Basically (said), get up here, take this and get out of here,” Parker said.

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Parker says the clerk essentially tried to bribe him to leave. He says he refused and waited for Detroit police to arrive at the scene.

The police have arrested 24-year-old Ishaq Almasari.

They then searched Parker before applying an ointment to his wound, according to the video.

Parker says he even offered to pay the clerk for the stolen goods.

He says that when all is said and done, he actually has sympathy for Almaisari, who now faces a charge of attempted murder.

Parker said, “He was scared. You got four dudes here. It’s late, he doesn’t know. Nobody had a weapon, but you know, people are scared. You never know what can happen.” Is.”

Parker’s attorney, Gary Safir, is concerned that the attempted murder charge will not stand.

Both feel that Almaisari did not intend to kill anyone. They see his actions as reckless and wrong but not worthy of blame.

“If there is a reasonable doubt, it is not charged,” said Safir of the Scott Goodwin law firm.

They believe that Almasari should be charged with negligently firing a firearm into the building.

Parker still has fragments of the bullet in his leg and doctors say he could have died, but he remains positive.

“I was angry, really angry about it, and I just want to let the anger go,” Parker said.

Safir says there is a larger issue at play here.

“It is my understanding that the gun that was in the gas station was placed there by the owner,” Safir said.

We spoke to the manager of the gas station and he confirmed that there was a gun inside the store at one point, but it is now in police custody.

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He would not comment on any other details.

“We need to hold those responsible accountable, whether it’s a train failure or a surveillance failure or even a gun being there,” Safir said.

As per a summons, Almaisri is scheduled to appear in the court on February 7 for a preliminary hearing.

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