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Dear Abby: 18 year old niece walks around in her underwear so no one can see

Dear Abby: 18 year old niece walks around in her underwear so no one can see

Dear Abby: I don’t know what to do about my 18 year old niece. She walks around the house in her underwear. She has been doing this for the last two-three years. It doesn’t matter, I guess, if it’s in front of the immediate family that lives there, but she’ll also do it in front of workmen, cleaning ladies, answering the door, going out to get mail, etc. Is.

I’m really disappointed. I briefly talked to my brother (her father) about it. His response was, “She lives here.” Is there anything I can do or say to get him to cover himself a little better? – Minor in Massachusetts

Dear Modest: Yes, it is. If her family doesn’t object to her walking around the house in her underwear, that’s their prerogative. But “someone” should remind your niece that it is disrespectful to her to do such things in front of men, domestic workers, and the mail carrier. No idea how her neighbors feel about it, but if she’s made up like Jennifer Lopez or one of the Kardashians, they might enjoy the view.

Dear Abby: My friend always sends me pictures of food and drinks she thinks look delicious. The problem is that the steaks he usually eats are cheap and unhealthy looking. I try to tell him that better quality meat often has less fat and cholesterol, but he doesn’t understand me. He also drinks a lot, and I don’t think that’s good either. I am trying to help him because I am worried about his health. He is 56 years old and his weight has increased a lot. How can I save her from a cardiac emergency? – healthy eater

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Dear Health: Your friend is an adult. You can’t “keep” him from doing anything. Because he’s not open to your helpful suggestions and the pictures bother you, stop looking at them. Accept that when he decides to change his eating habits, the motivation must come from within (or from his doctor). You may be able to lead by example and convince him to exercise with you. If you do, be sure to start slowly.

Dear Abby: I live in a very small town where everyone knows everything. I own my own home and attend a small congregational church. When a food pantry opened, I reluctantly started going in to meet my food budget. All the volunteers are local, and I know many of them.

A woman who also attends my church volunteers there as well. This woman has now adopted a smile and a stern look at me when she sees me. While I try hard not to care what people think, this one is tough. How should I handle it? – Embarrassed in North Carolina

Dear Embarrassed: Handle it by discussing with whoever has organized and managed that food bank. Mention this to your pastor as well. If a member of the church is behaving as you say, she should be told to stop shaming you, as it is unchristian and unnecessary.

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