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Could there be 2 snow storms in Massachusetts this week? here we know

Could there be 2 snow storms in Massachusetts this week?  here we know

Storms Monday through Tuesday are expected to bring enough snow for the season, making for a dry and snowless winter national weather service To consider it a “busle”.

But with another possible storm due to begin Friday and continue through Sunday, how much total snow could fall in Massachusetts?

To begin with, let’s look at Monday night and Tuesday. Snow is expected to begin in the west by 7 p.m. and until at least 2 p.m., eastern Massachusetts should expect to see snow. How much can vary by region.

The western border with New York could see 7 to 10 inches of snow, while Springfield and Worcester are expected to get between 3 and 5 inches. Heavy snow is expected in western and central Massachusetts under a winter storm warning.

National Weather Service meteorologist Alan Dunham told MassLive that after an unusual winter, “this isn’t such a big storm.” He stressed that Monday and Tuesday’s storms would not be out of the ordinary, even during a typically snowy February in New England.

Difficult journey will be possible during morning excursion on Tuesday. The weather service said travelers should bring an extra flashlight, food and water in case of an emergency.

To the east, communities like Lawrence and Boston could see 1 to 3 inches of snow, while Cape Cod could see 2 to 4 inches of snow. The coast will be under a winter weather advisory and has the potential to see wind gusts up to 35 mph.

Forecasters urged commuters to slow down and use caution on the roads.

The state is expected to get respite from snow on Wednesday, while there may be some rain on Thursday as the temperature will touch 50 degrees. But could the snow return on Friday?

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Forecasters said there is “a lot of uncertainty and moving parts.”

Friday’s forecast for Worcester and Springfield said there was an 80% chance of precipitation with snow possibly mixed in with the rain. In some areas around western Massachusetts, rain will become “all snow after 11 p.m.,” forecasters predict. On Saturday, there is a “chance of snow” predicted. Boston also echoes a chance for rain and snow.

Dunham stressed the likelihood of no snow between Friday and Sunday, but until then it’s too far to determine whether Massachusetts could see snow, rain or both.

According to the weather service, there could be partly cloudy skies through Saturday night until the partial return of the sun on Sunday.

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