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Businesses have to compete with lewd, vulgar marquee signs ahead of Valentine’s Day

Businesses have to compete with lewd, vulgar marquee signs ahead of Valentine’s Day

Waterford – Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Waterford businesses are competing with puny, and some might say obscene, marquee signs.

It all started with a Mexican restaurant, Mexico Lindo, and their “Pink Tacos”.

Note: Pictures of marquee signs are below. some contain adult sexual gestures

Owner Elizabeth Quintana told 7 Action News the restaurant wanted to do something different for Valentine’s Day so they decided to make pink tacos.

He then wrote about her on his marquee sign on Highland Road.

“This V Day try our hot yummy pink tacos,” it said.

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Its phrase attracted a lot of attention from people around town, who are now coming to the restaurant just because of the sign and from other businesses as well.

Mexico Lindo general manager Randy St. John told 7 Action News, “Century Bowl jumped right in, they saw they had someone out there who’s very funny and they decided to change their marquee to reflect that.”

Below, you’ll find a picture of what Century Bowl wrote.


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Alexis Conway told 7 Action News, “It’s fun!”

Maribeth Knight told us, “I think it’s hysterical!”

When we asked Quintana if she’s worried about people being offended, she said, “My mom, who started this business, she says, ‘Who cares, it’s fun!’ And she’s 87, so if she approves, that’s all I care about.”

After this, Shark Club Punit joins in the fun.


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Boomer Ullman, owner of Shark Club, said, “I just got into the fun because Mexico Lindo did it and then did Century Bowling and I thought it was creative and had a laugh so I decided to do one for Shark Club. “

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“I think it’s funny because when you drive by everyone has a little bit of a joke, when you see businesses compete like that it just makes people laugh,” said resident Maribeth Knight.

“It’s nice to see that there really is still a small community that stays together and is just having fun,” Ullman said.

Club Royal Boat Sales, Moby Dick Pet Store, and Don Coffee Garage have all joined the Waterford sign wars.


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Businesses have almost all got a complaint, but tell us the main response has been almost entirely good-natured laughter.

“I have lived in Waterford my whole life and it shows why I want to be a part of Waterford,” said Ullmann.

Quintana said, “We have to laugh because times are crazy right now, so let’s all laugh and be happy. And it’s Valentine’s Day! Show some love!”

The “Pink Tacos” will be available on Valentine’s Day only at Mexico Lindo until they sell out.

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