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AG warns that making threats against schools can land you in jail

AG warns that making threats against schools can land you in jail

(WXYZ) โ€” The Michigan Attorney General is reminding residents about the seriousness of school threats and how they could land you behind bars.

In a statement, Dana Nessel said she is sending a reminder in light of four school districts (in Detroit, Jackson, Ann Arbor and Okemos) that were recently the targets of swatting.

Swatting is a prank call made to emergency services in order to get law enforcement at a location.

“Threats of violence in our schools disrupt classes, tax our local law enforcement agencies and damage our students’ sense of security,” Nessel said in a statement. โ€œWhether these are genuine threats made with intent to harm or pranks by children trying to have a day off, these are real crimes with real consequences. It is important that adults and students alike are aware of these threats understand the seriousness of the criminal charges against him.”

Possible charges for threats of violence include:

  • Impersonating a terroristic threat, an offense of 20 years;
  • making a bomb threat call, a four-year felony;
  • Malicious use of telecommunications equipment, an offense of six months; And
  • Threatening violence against a school employee or student, a one-year misdemeanor.

Swatting can lead to the following charges:

  • false report of a crime, a 93-day misdemeanor;
  • false report resulting in bodily injury, 5-year felony;
  • false report resulting in a serious physical impairment, felony 10 years; and/or
  • False report resulting in death, felony 15 years.

The fine can also exceed $50,000.

To tip with the state’s OK2SAY hotline, call 855-565-2729 or text 652729.

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