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Were the Eagles Covered with Camera Wire at the NFC Championship Game?

Were the Eagles Covered with Camera Wire at the NFC Championship Game?

For the second time this season, camera wires are making headlines at an NFL game.

At the end of the first quarter of the NFC Championship, Eagles punter Brett Kern busted open a 34-yarder, but the entire Philadelphia sideline began pointing to the sky. He believed it had hit a wire, and the kick certainly had an odd spin.

The officials took a look at the play and reviewed it, but said they could not determine whether the ball came into contact, so the punt stood. If it touches the strings, it must be a dead ball, which must be replayed under. From the NFL rulebook:

“If during play a loose ball strikes the video board, guide wire, sky cam, or any other object, the ball shall be immediately dead, and shall be replayed at the previous position.”

The Eagles did their best to make it a moot point. The 49ers received the ball at midfield after the short punt, but the Philadelphia defense still forced a punt on the ensuing possession.

Earlier this season, Twitter went nuts when a Mac Jones interception appeared to elicit an ESPN Skycam wire. However, the network issued a statement denying any contact after the fact.

ESPN PR said, “This pass by Mack Jones did not affect ESPN’s SkyCam wiring.” “This video creates a false impression, but in fact the Skycam wire was over 15 feet above the ball and our Skycam system followed all NFL protocols.”

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