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Warren woman worried after seeing ladder man in backyard at night

Warren woman worried after seeing ladder man in backyard at night

WARREN, Michigan (WXYZ) – A Warren family is in jeopardy after a man with a ladder was spotted scaling their fence and lurking in their backyard at 2 a.m. Friday.

It’s not clear what the man’s motive was, but the family says there is evidence he was peeping through their daughters’ windows.

“I wake up every morning and as soon as I open my eyes, I check my Ring camera,” said Fameica Bird. ladder.”

It’s an alarming video that Byrd can’t get out of her head: a stranger in the middle of the night using a ladder to hop over her fence before disappearing on camera in her backyard. His whereabouts thereafter are unknown.

“We’re worried, very nervous,” Bird said. “We won’t be able to sleep for a while.”

What worries Byrd even more, she says, was the police search the next day. Removed the curtain of his 20-year-old daughter’s bedroom from the window and left it lying on the ground.

Bird is worried that the stranger used the ladder to peek inside the window. Warren Police say they are investigating the matter but are not aware of any other reports at this time.

However, it comes three months after Warren police arrested another man, a convicted serial peeper, who was seen on home surveillance cameras in Warren carrying a ladder into people’s yards. The man is still in the county jail, according to Macomb County’s inmate search.

Bird fears that someone else out there might do the same.

“I’m concerned and I want everyone to be vigilant,” Bird said. “Be aware, check your surroundings, check your cameras, be alert in the middle of the night because they are crawling out here.”

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