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US issues travel advisory for Cancun after dispute between Uber, taxi drivers

US issues travel advisory for Cancun after dispute between Uber, taxi drivers

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A travel advisory has been issued for one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations.

Cancun is now on the US State Department’s radar after Uber was officially legalized in the state.

Local taxi drivers have not taken kindly to the court’s decision and in some cases, tourists have been caught in the crossfire.

The owner of Cadillac Travel Group says Cancun is still a popular destination for metro Detroiters who aren’t shaken by the cold and snow.

Keith Powers had no idea about the travel advice until he was already vacationing in Cancun. He says that 7 Action News was the first to bring this to his attention.

“They (the hotels) didn’t want to let it out,” Powers said. “It was a serious problem for a few days and only yesterday it seems they have fixed everything and some arrests have been made.”

Taxi drivers have blocked main roads and roads leading to the airport in protest.

David Fishman, who owns Cadillac Travel, says either way he’s asking customers not to go.

“What we do is research and see what’s going on,” Fishman said.

He says that dozens of customers have taken trips to Cancun without any problems. But a couple who recently returned home had to take a long taxi ride to the airport after their driver broke a traffic law to avoid roadblocks.

Fishman said, “They took their flight and got home safely, but they didn’t feel unsafe and they didn’t see any demonstrations. They just saw them block the road.”

Powers is going back to Detroit on Friday morning. He says his hotel is making sure he has a smooth ride to the airport.

“They’re taking pictures of the driver and the license plate before you even get in your vehicle,” Powers said. “So, they are taking more extreme measures here.”

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Powers says he would recommend the area to a friend.

“Yeah, pretty safe overall,” Powers said.

You can always work with travel agencies, resorts or hotels ahead of time to pre-plan all of your transportation.

Fishman says that if you’re in trouble, he suggests taking a taxi over Uber.

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