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There’s a push to get young lawyers practicing in rural America

There’s a push to get young lawyers practicing in rural America

There are three pictures on John Paul Swek’s Instagram page. In the first two, seven years earlier, he is a high school kid with a bow and rifle in hand. That third photo, six years later, shows what a small town can keep her in. This is his letter of acceptance to the University of Nebraska College of Law.

Nebraska’s snapshot mirrors the nation’s. A recent American Bar study found that the nation’s largest counties typically have a dozen or more attorneys for every 1,000 residents. But about half of America’s counties — usually the most rural and remote — have fewer than one for every 1,000.

Richard Robertly is Dean of the University of Nebraska College of Law. When his state saw a shortage of rural doctors, the medical college developed a rural training track to place students in areas of need.

“About 60% of those students were going back to those communities. So, we’re expecting that,” Moberly said. “A lot of older attorneys, in particular, have worked with people in that community for a generation and know that, if anyone in their place If they cannot step in, then those people will actually lose out on the services provided by the lawyers. ,

“Here at Wahoo, I believe there are three offices. Ours is the biggest,” Svec said.

Wahoo may be a small town, but it’s actually one of the better towns in Nebraska. Svec is one of 42 county attorneys. In the next county over, where Svec grew up, there are five.

“You can come to someone and assume they need estate planning and then, ‘Oh, hey, I have that too.’ You know, that’s a whole different issue,” Sweck said. “It’s good that Nebraska has started a program like this. But I can’t help but think that Nebraska isn’t the only one that’s struggling with this.” Is.

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It’s also not the only state with a solution. Colorado’s Rural Virtual Practice program connects new attorneys in Denver with experienced attorneys in outlying counties. Indiana University is one of many with a rural justice initiative similar to Nebraska’s.

The hope is that the current generation of law students and graduates fills today’s gap and previews possible careers for tomorrow’s lawyers, perhaps for the first time in six years, by posting to Instagram and showcasing a triumphant stone on the nation’s path. .

“I probably put in over 100 hours studying for the LSAT. That moment the letter came and I found out I was accepted, it was such an incredible moment, you know, I just wanted to let people know about it.” I had to say, ”Swek said.

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