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The family of the shooting victim expressed anger over the release of the accused after the bond was reduced.

The family of the shooting victim expressed anger over the release of the accused after the bond was reduced.

DETROIT (WXYZ) – A man accused of shooting and nearly killing an innocent bystander at a gas station on Detroit’s west side has been bailed out of jail.

The person accused of the crime is Torion Hudson. He was released on bail on January 13 after Judge Larry Williams reduced his bond from $1 million to $250,000, according to court documents.

The victim’s mother is very upset, given that her daughter is still recovering in the hospital.

The victim’s mother Keta said, “She was crying. I was crying.”

Keta says that her daughter, Kyla, was shot in the neck by Hudson, a man she has never met.

The shooting took place on December 21 at a Sunoco gas station at Livernoise and Davison Streets.

Kyla is finally out of intensive care after her fourth lung surgery.

“It’s a very traumatic event that happened to her. She’s having nightmares, she’s very scared, she has triggers. She was a true innocent bystander,” Keta said.

Keita says his daughter told him she found her Hudson with a clerk at a Sunoco gas station when she was nearby.

According to Keita, he aggressively approached Kyla when she was trying to escape from her car.

“He got into the vehicle, strangled her, put the gun to her head and said, ‘Give me everything you got,'” Keta said.

She says that her daughter was only 19 years old, she didn’t have many valuables, so Hudson took her necklace.

According to Kayla, Hudson put the gun to Kayla’s lower neck and pulled the trigger.

Detroit Police Department Sgt. Jordan Hall says Hudson left the scene and led police on a three-county chase that ended in Monroe.

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“Later to protect our community, we used aviation,” Hall said.

Hudson was later arrested in Detroit. Keita says he was never informed when he was released.

โ€œWhen I got the news, I actually went to the judge’s chamber. There was a sign on his door, and I interrupted him on the Zoom meeting, and I needed an answer. Why would you let that happen.” Criminals out,” Keta said.

7 Action News has contacted Williams and is awaiting a response.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office told us they objected to the low bond.

In a statement to 7 Action News, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Maria Miller said:

โ€œWhen the bond was reduced from $1 million dollars to $250,000 cash or surety, WCPO protested on the record. The monetary amount of the bond is much less than the original bond, and it is extremely concerning that when the bond was reduced There was no contact provision for the safety of the victim which was ordered by the court. Looking at the seriousness of the case, at least a GPS wire is needed and house arrest ordered.

โ€œThis case illustrates why recent 36th District Court bond determination hearings have been flawed in serious felony cases. They typically occur after 48 hours, often because the defendant was not able to make the initial bond. The judge’s decision must still take into account the safety of the victim and the public.”

Keta says that his daughter is being harassed again and again.

“I don’t know who this man is, and he’s walking free after intentionally shooting a 19-year-old girl โ€” my daughter โ€” and he’s out on the loose,” Keta said.

The prosecutor’s office filed an emergency bond motion in the case, which Judge Patricia Jefferson will hear at 8:30 a.m. Friday.

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