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Tampa finds ’emotional support’ boa constrictor in TSA luggage

Tampa finds ’emotional support’ boa constrictor in TSA luggage

The Transportation Security Administration says a passenger attempted to bring an “emotional support pet” boa constrictor snake through security.

A spokeswoman for the agency tweeted that the incident occurred in December at Tampa International Airport when a snake named “Bartholomew” was found in a woman’s carry-on bag. The snake was detected when the bag passed through an X-ray machine.

The spokesperson said TSA contacted the airline, which said it cannot bring the snake on board.

According to the agency, the length of the snake is four feet.

โ€œThere is a DANGER NOODLE in that bagโ€ฆ Our officers at Tampa International Airport did not find this hysterical! There was a 4′ boa constrictor coiled up in one passenger’s carry-on! “We don’t really have any leads to search for a pet going through an X-ray machine,” TSA said in an Instagram post.

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