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Sen. Katie Britt Talks Virtual Parenting: “It’s Clearly a Sacrifice for Our Family”

Sen. Katie Britt Talks Virtual Parenting: “It’s Clearly a Sacrifice for Our Family”

Katie Britt said Sunday that serving as Alabama’s newest U.S. senator has meant using some virtual parenting, sometimes including daily devotions with one of her children.

Britt received a brief solo spotlight on “Fox News Sunday”, in which host Shannon Bream introduced her as the second-youngest woman to serve in the Senate. The segment didn’t address any specific issues or policies, but did give Britt a chance to talk about what it’s like to be back as a full member of the governing body where she once served as an intern.

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Being addressed as “Senator” can still be a bit surreal, she said. “I’m not kidding you, Shannon, I look around,” Britt said.

Bream suggested that women officers were more likely to be asked about the impact of their work on family life, and Britt agreed. But in response to the question, she said the need to spend time in Washington represented a sacrifice she wanted to put in context.

“I think about the sacrifices of so many people across our country. And so, it’s obviously a sacrifice for our family to be away,” Britt said. “But it pales in comparison to our servicemen and -women. Fade in, sometimes going abroad for months at a time. And some of them never actually got a chance to return home. You think about the people who are working 12-hour shifts, or the people who are working two jobs just to be able to provide for their kids. What puts this into perspective is that everyone in this country has a story and everyone is giving it their all to make it work.

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Of family life since being sworn in, she said, “One of the things we’ve committed to is FaceTiming, we actually had dinner via FaceTime this week.” “My daughter and I are doing daily devotionals together, so doing that during FaceTime, being able to talk about her day, look at the scripture we’re reading And being able to be that practical parent, even though some of it has to be done virtually.

Britt said she thinks she represents “parents and hardworking Americans our age across the country who want a voice.”

“I would say, we need you,” she said of such people. “Whether it’s a school board or the United States Senate, you see people of my generation saying ‘this is the time.’ It’s time for us to do our part, it’s time for us to contribute, it’s time for us to It’s time to be part of the solution. I would say, number one, we need you. And number two, don’t be afraid to fail.” He said that his own campaign was seen as a long shot.

When asked by Bream about the legacy that Britt hopes to create for herself, she suggested that she would be willing to form a coalition as an MLA.

“I think it’s important at this time in our history that we have people who are willing to have the difficult conversations to make the difficult decisions so that we can meet the challenges we face.” “In doing this you have to build relationships, because nothing is done by one person or one alone. Building them based on trust and respect is critically important. So I hope people see me as one of those people.” I will see who … working every day to take the ball down the field so that the country and the people of the state are better off as a result of my service.

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