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Robotics, drug control on senator’s mind this week (letter)

Robotics, drug control on senator’s mind this week (letter)

Last Monday celebrated the birthday of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In this country

As always, the start of the formal session ahead of our bill-paying deadline has been exceptionally busy. While bills can be filed after this deadline, all bills filed before are guaranteed a public hearing, which is an important step for any piece of legislation to become law. My team and I have been meeting all week on possible bills to file, and I’m very hopeful that the legislature will complete this session.

On Wednesday, I spoke with law enforcement leaders in the state police as well as the Department of Homeland Security about their work to combat the growing supply of fentanyl on the black market. Substance use disorders are one of the most pressing challenges in the Commonwealth, and our law enforcement officers are on the front lines of tracking and stopping the flow of drugs into our communities. Thanks to both groups for taking the time to talk with me and share some ideas for improvement.

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