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Remington College offers free production workshop to the community

Remington College offers free production workshop to the community

Nashville, Tenn. (WTVF) – In an effort to expand music production access, Remington College offers a free production workshop once a month at its campus studio in Nashville.

“A lot of music education, in my experience, I’ve never had a lot of hands-on instruction. And a lot of the things I know you know I’ve been learning through trial and error and, You know, through my peers and not through a formal school setting, so if I can give that to newcomers, and inspire them to, you know, start creating… then it’s all worth it. is,” explained Remington College Beats Production & Recording Arts Technology Program Chair Matt Zotti.

Zotti teaches the basics of music theory and helps each participant learn a productive software to create their own beats.

“In general [it] happens within a few hours,” Zotti said about how long it takes new participants to learn to program. And they’re not just doing what I’m telling them and I’m teaching them about quarter notes and eighth notes. Not teaching, well, I gave you instructions. Now, you use your own taste and create your own rhythm and I think when you know, creativity begins.”

Some participants have no musical experience, while others have already started pursuing it.

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