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Radio Plays”; “Hip Hop On Front” concert preview

Radio Plays”; “Hip Hop On Front” concert preview
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segment in today’s show,

Chilkat Weaving Workshop
Hip Hop On Front preview
“Alaska Theater Festival: Radio Play” preview

lily hope Chilkat teaches weaving to weavers across the country. She is currently hosting an intensive two-week workshop of weavers working to complete a child-sized Chilkat Ceremonial Blanket. The moment is significant as the workshop is increasing the number of weavers who have the knowledge to weave full size ceremonial emblems.

On today’s Juno afternoon, Lily and two fellow weavers join volunteer host Andy Cline to discuss the workshop and its finale “First Dance Ceremony” On February 1, where 20 Vastra dances will be performed.

Special Note: The robes will be displayed in a show on February 3rd, “For Our Children: Chilkat Regalia Woven in the Lineage of Jenny Thlunot and Clarissa Rizal” at the Juno-Douglas Museum,

Also in today’s program…


  • lily hopeLeader of the Chilkat Weaving Workshop
  • donedin jacksonChilkat Weaving Workshop Participants
  • ruth hollowsChilkat Weaving Workshop Participants
  • flordelino lagundinoArtistic Director, Theater Alaska
  • Kate RossGhost Light Theater
  • Cheryl SnyderVice President and General Manager, KTOO Music & Arts
  • Lance Mitchell“Hip Hop On Front” Producer
  • Rainhip hop artist
  • d loadinghip hop artist

Volunteer Andy Kline hosts today’s program. You can watch Juno Noon live, Wednesday through Friday, at 3:00 p.m. on KTOO Juno 104.3 and KAUK 91.7 Juno Auke Bay. There is a rebroadcast at 7:00 p.m. You can also tune in online here ktoo.org/listen,

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