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Police Responding to Spike in Auto Thefts in Shelby Township

Police Responding to Spike in Auto Thefts in Shelby Township

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WXYZ) – As they crack down on a wave of auto thefts, Shelby Township police are issuing an alert to drivers about locking the doors of their vehicles.

The matter has come to light after more than a dozen cars were stolen last month. Many of the incidents are happening in the area of โ€‹โ€‹22 Mile Road and Schoenherr Road.

In some cases, multiple vehicles were moved in a single night via the same route.

Driver Velda Young admits she doesn’t always take the time to lock up.

“Car door, house door, any door,” Young said.

Police told 7 Action News that some vehicles were found nearby, while others were located in Detroit. From inside the valuables are stolen by the thieves, who seem to be getting bolder.

โ€œThe police don’t play. I’m really surprised. I mean, you see police everywhere and that’s why I’m so comfortable. Our police are really great,” Young said.

We spoke to Shelby Township Police Officer Carrie Bennett about the case, which police say also involves vehicles in public places.

“We’ve seen a lot of cars stolen and broken into. Their items are gone,” Bennett said.

Police say newer vehicles are often targeted and in most cases, the owners have left the keys inside or even with only a key fob that can start the engine.

“They’ll find your laptop, valuables, if you leave anything in the car. Most of the time, it’s overnight. So, we want people to lock their cars overnight,” Bennett said. “

we checked in with www.michigan.gov Also to consider the cost of piracy. It is estimated that every time a police officer is called overtime to work an eight-hour shift on a weekend, taxpayers face a cost of $282.

“People are just coming in and taking them. Or they’re stealing cars from somewhere else and then leaving them and stealing someone else’s car,” said driver Samantha Boling.

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Police have not said whether any arrests have been made at this point. They are urging the public to be vigilant and report any helpful information.

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