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Parents frustrated after late snow day call in Waterford

Parents frustrated after late snow day call in Waterford

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WXYZ) – โ€” In snow-ravaged Waterford Township, kids who are usually in class head to the local hills to sled.

“It’s just fun, fun family quality time,” said Stacy Wagner, who has three students in the Waterford School District.

Wagner says it wasn’t until 7 a.m. that she learned what was making her day.

โ€œLast night, probably around 9:30 at night they said we have a half day and then this morning around 7 they closed school,โ€ Wagner said of the district’s snow day announcement. “Thankfully I have a Wednesday off so it was very easy for me to figure it out but you know it was hard with my middle school students because they were already getting dressed.”

Some parents say that the call for them came even later.

“Last night we got a call that school was going to be a half day because they thought the weather was going to come later today but then this morning when I was watching TV all the schools around Waterford were going. Was closed but Waterford was still open,” said a WSD parent who did not want to be identified. “we Go to school and there’s a line of cars, parents everywhere, teachers pulling into the parking lot and the principal there telling us ‘No! No! Go back. We don’t have a school, they just called it that.”

Parents say the late announcement of school closures meant she was late for work and had to drive unnecessarily when road conditions were bad.

“All the parents who had to go to work immediately after dropping their kids off couldn’t. They had to go home, drop their kids back off, then go back to work,” she said. “Someone dropped the ball. It should have been called. It shouldn’t have been half a day to start. As I said all the other schools around here are being closed, why not Waterford.”

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In a notice on the district’s website, school officials wrote, “Due to the updated weather forecast, all schools will be closed Wednesday, January 25, 2023.”

The district said all after-school child care and activities at the Waterford Senior Center and Poole Fitness Center will also remain closed.

7 Action News attempted an interview with district officials about what factors went into the decision to close schools and why they waited until Wednesday to inform parents. No one was immediately available for comment.

While some parents say it has been frustrating, they say they are making the most of it.

“Winter is finally here and they’re expecting no school tomorrow,” Wagner said.

The district has not announced whether or not classes will resume on Thursday for WSD students. District Website Advises parents to check back for updates.

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