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NFL Insider Explains Why Aaron Rodgers Going To Patriots Would Be ‘Very Belichickian’

NFL Insider Explains Why Aaron Rodgers Going To Patriots Would Be ‘Very Belichickian’

The Aaron Rodgers trade rumors have only just begun to rumble. But the New England Patriots have already been linked as a possible landing spot for the future Hall of Famer.

on Monday, NBC Sports’ Peter King Rodgers is expected to go to four teams, including the Jets, Raiders and Seahawks. However, he included an interesting caveat to the scenario of him teaming up with Bill Belichick in New England.

“Or Rodgers to the Patriots, who sounds very Belichickian, perhaps to give Mack Jones two learning seasons in the shadows,” King wrote.

The future of the Green Bay Packers quarterback will be one of the biggest stories this season, with Rodgers’ unhappiness with the team – and monster contract – presenting a scenario where the two sides part ways.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that “both sides are fully aware that a trade for Aaron Rodgers is a very real scenario.”

So far, it’s more smoke than fire. There are no strong ties between the Patriots and Rodgers. We also don’t know if the team has any plans to do anything but make Jones the starting quarterback in 2023 and beyond.

However, fit makes sense, which is why DraftKings sportsbook has New England with fourth best odds to acquire the 39-year-old Packers quarterback.

Does a Rodgers trade make sense for the Patriots? It largely depends on how you feel about the Joneses.

Over the past few seasons, Jones has been praised by players for his leadership and work ethic. But after a strong rookie season, he returned in 2022 under the highly criticized offensive coaching staff led by Matt Patricia and Joe Judge.

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When asked after the season whether Jones is the undisputed starter in 2023, Belichick didn’t take the opportunity to commit to his current starter.

Rodgers presents one of the few scenarios where there is a clear path for an immediate upgrade over Jones at the quarterback position. But it would come with a high cost.

First, the Patriots must craft a trade package to entice Green Bay to give up their superstar quarterback. It has the potential to be heavily priced as a draft pick.

Second, Rodgers’ contract presents a problem. The quarterback’s cap situation is a complicated, pricey mess. Right now, Rodgers is set to count $31.6 million against the cap in 2023, with that number rising to $53.4 million by 2026. per over the cap,

The Packers would be on the hook for an expensive Rodgers bonus in case of a trade. However, Rodgers would still tie up a substantial portion of New England’s cap space if he landed in New England.

Finally, there’s the actual landscape of Rodgers landing in New England. Now, Jones is well-liked by his peers and has seemed to build rapport over the years. Leaving Rodgers in the locker room, already one of the most controversial players in the league, could create a divisive atmosphere.

All this is at a high cost. But it would also include adding a future Hall of Famer at quarterback. Would Belichick pull such a move to make a late career run to the Super Bowl? At the moment it is all speculation. But at the moment the idea is floating.

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