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Netflix has a new documentary about one of DeWitt’s men, ‘The Pez Outlaw’

Netflix has a new documentary about one of DeWitt’s men, ‘The Pez Outlaw’

a new documentary called “The Page Outlaw” Starts this week on Netflix. film, in which a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoesfocuses on a man from DeWitt named Steve Glave, who devoted years of his life to the Pez dispenser in the 1990s.

His friends, his family and Glave himself admit that he is a bit of a recluse, so he directs all media requests to someone he describes as “like a brother” Jim Blaine. Both Blaine and his extensive Pez collection were featured in the film. According to a framed $1 check by director Brian Storkel that hangs in his Pease Museum, Blaine was the first person to make money on the film.

Blaine said, “I think they actually took over 30,000 Pez dispensers from here for the shoot.”

Hosted by Blaine Michigan Pease Convention Every year since 2016.

โ€œI would see these videos of Steve and I would hear these stories about Steve coming in and bringing all theseโ€ฆ taking Paige body parts and dumping them over the railing and everybody just coming for these Paige. And I’m like, ‘Who’s this man?'” Blaine said.

In 2017, Blaine finally got to meet the “Notorious” Glave when he reached out and asked her to sign a few things.

Blaine shows the shadow box, saying, “It’s one of the duffel bags he used to bring Pez back from Europe.”

Glave’s daughter, Moriah Newman, said she grew up not really realizing what her father was doing.

“I remember knowing in college that he was going to Europe quite often, and honestly just took it like, ‘Oh! Well, that’s cool! Good for you!’ Newman said.

Then, Glive’s operation was put on hold.

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Newman said, “About 15 years ago when itโ€”I knew he was kind of in a slump, and he was upset about something, but I didn’t understand what had happened.”

The Outlaw disappeared from the Pez world for 20 years.

Glive wrote on Facebook Messenger, “The PGs are like family. They and Jim are why I came out of hiding three or so years ago. At the worst of my journey, the PGs were there, and picked me up.”

“Pages are great, but it’s the relationships that really hold everything together,” Blaine said.

Today, Glew is producing candy dispensers that resemble Pez dispensers, but that are designed to look like them..from bucket hats to bunny slippers.

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