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Nashville bar seeks help finding 2 men who allegedly assaulted staff

Nashville bar seeks help finding 2 men who allegedly assaulted staff

Nashville, Tenn. (wtvf) – on robert’s western worldYou can usually see one or two gentlemen.

But at around midnight last night, General Manager Emily Jones said that was not the case.

“It’s completely unfair. Unexpected, just a random act of hate and abuse. It was horrible,” she said.

Jones said two of his employees were attacked after a misunderstanding.

“Some guy and you can see in the video, he’s sitting there and the door closer talking to one of his friends in his group. And I think they didn’t know he was one of our doors and He thought she was just fucking with another guy and out of nowhere suddenly coldcocked her in the face,” she said.

Jones said a second man, with shorter dark brown hair and clean shaven, then struck a second employee.

“One of the workers went to the hospital with a broken nose and the other one is really sore today. Both had multiple injuries on their faces,” she said.

Jones said such acts will not be tolerated, which is why they are turning to social media to help.

“We will not tolerate disrespect. We are not going to deal with abuse. Yes, it’s honky tonk, but you can still be respectful, have fun, and not be a jerk,” she said .

The owners said they appreciate any leads or help and are offering a cash reward to anyone able to identify the two individuals.

It’s not the first time Bar has asked for online help, A similar case had come to the fore about six months ago and within a few hours, people had made an identity on social media.

“The boy facing felony charges resides in another state. They were able to positively identify his accomplice and we are pursuing the full extent of the law,” Jones said.

At Roberts, family comes first, and that’s why Jones believes they’ll be able to make a mark this time around as well.

Roberts’ Western World says they are reviewing their footage and working to find more photos of the two men.

But if you do recognize them, you can contact the bar by texting 615-689-6319.

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