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Much-needed snow falls after a truckload at Muskegon Luge Park

Much-needed snow falls after a truckload at Muskegon Luge Park

MUSKEGON, Michigan — Snowy weather is a welcome sign for many in West Michigan. Too many people hitting the slopes.

Some are checking out cross-country skiing in Muskegon for the first time.

Ezra Vandwater said, “You have to do like a 90-degree turn. As you’re going down, and it’s unbelievable.”

The Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park has miles for folks to cross-country ski or snowshoe to check out. This latest snow and cold weather is a big help.

Savannah Petit said, “It was cold, but it wasn’t really cold because you’re skiing and you get hot.”

Snow has recently been brought into the park by the truckload as they haven’t seen much falling inside the park yet.

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Muskegon Luge

“It’s really weird. We were open for three days, just before January, and then it got hot,” said Luge Park outdoor event specialist Dan Bonner. “We do everything naturally here. We need those cooler temperatures. We need snow, and we’re on a holding pattern until we get that back.”

Now the folks at Muskegon Luge Park are gearing up for a busy week ahead.

“You know Michigan; you never know what’s really going to happen in Michigan. It looks like it’s going to be cold for at least ten days. So, if we get three to four inches of snow tonight , then we’ll be able to build our base and start making everything really concrete for the guys,” Bonner said.

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So other families are ready to create lasting memories. Memories are made, even if it is at the expense of their parents.

“We were going down this one hill, and it was really rough. My mom went down, like, she didn’t even start going; she just kind of face planted, and then she tried to get up; She fell again,” said Patrick Vandewater.

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Muskegon Luge and Ice Rink is not open at this time. Officials say they will let the snow come down a little more so they can have a better base for those activities. They say they plan to open as early as this week in Muskegon.

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