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MI Senate passes bill to advance presidential primary date but hits roadblock

MI Senate passes bill to advance presidential primary date but hits roadblock

LANSING, Michigan (WXMI) – On Thursday the Michigan Senate passed Senate Bill No. 13That would move the state’s presidential primary election to February 27, 2024.

same as bill House Bill No. 4029Which was filed on January 18 by more than two dozen Democratic state representatives.

The law also states that after 2024, future presidential primary elections will always be held on the fourth Tuesday in February.

The bill now goes to the Rajya Sabha for a vote. The earliest polling can take place is January 31.

For the legislation to be relevant for the 2024 election, the bill must be signed before February 1. That’s the deadline given by the Democratic National Committee before their vote early next month on the final slate of primaries for the cycle.

The proposed lineup would begin with South Carolina on February 3, Nevada and New Hampshire on February 6, Georgia on February 13, and Michigan on February 27.

But, due to red tape, this bill may get stuck. Michigan has a unique system where laws don’t go into effect immediately or even within a few months.

Instead, the laws don’t go into effect until 90 days after the end of session, which is two years from now. A motion to give “immediate effect” to a bill requires a two-thirds vote in each chamber.

Passing a bill with “immediate effect” in the House is pretty straightforward. There is no roll call vote, just a simple “yes” or “no” and the majority wins. Democrats have a two-vote majority in the House, 56-54, so the bill would pass.

But in the Senate there is a roll call vote. This means a record 26 people need to vote in favor to achieve a two-thirds majority.

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The bill passed along party lines 20 to 18.

It is unclear what will happen next to meet these requirements before they reach the government. Head over to Gretchen Whitmer’s desk and make a DNC deadline.

In 2020, Michigan’s primary was held on March 10, after Super Tuesday, and advocates Says that moving up Michigan’s primary election brings a lot of national attention to Michigan. In addition, it allows Michiganders to play a larger role before narrowing the field of candidates.

“The idea that any president of the United States of America is incredibly familiar with our manufacturing heritage, our strong agricultural sector, our history and our leadership and people gives us a wonderful, strong role in national policy, and I think That this is something that all Michiganders want,” said Rep. Phil Skaggs of Kent County.

It is not yet clear whether Republicans will also decide to host their primary on the same day.

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