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March for Life returns to Washington for the first time since the end of the row

March for Life returns to Washington for the first time since the end of the row

WASHINGTON — Americans opposed to abortion will gather in Washington, D.C., on Friday for the March for Life.

For 50 years, the march has taken place on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion nationwide.

The decision was overturned last year, but abortion opponents still plan to march.

a new purpose

Mark Herrington, an anti-abortion activist and Created Equals activist, says his group is still active.

“The cry may be reversed, but it’s just different,” he said.

Harrington will be among thousands marching on Friday. He believes that the Supreme Court did not end the debate on abortion by overturning Roe. Instead, he says the conversation has just evolved.

This year’s march will not go to the Supreme Court like previous years. Instead, it will head to the Capitol, where lawmakers from both parties debate the issue.

Democrats want abortion protections enshrined in federal law, while conservatives want to push for new restrictions.

“There’s still a federal aspect to it,” Harrington said.

The reality, however, is that over the next few years the abortion fight is more likely to play out in state capitals than in Washington. State lawmakers have been successful in passing and advancing bills related to abortion.

State ballot measures are also required.

Harrington says abortion opponents, like him, will use this week’s march to rally supporters including faith leaders to help defeat the expected ballot measure.

Last year, his party lost elections in conservative states like Kansas and Montana.

“We have to fight back and defeat these ballot measures,” Harrington said.

Opponents raised questions on the march

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For abortion rights supporters, the March for Life process has always been a rough week.

“It’s been a challenging week,” said Jaime Manson, president of Catholics for Choice.

She hopes that people will realize how harmful the Supreme Court’s opinion has been to many women. Thirteen states now ban most abortions.

Manson said, “Especially the enormous suffering for the women, the children, the families, who are already suffering from other injustices.”

Manson expected the march to evolve this year and focus on issues of life beyond abortion.

Her message to the participating faith leaders is to support abortion rights.

“Pope Francis has said that abortion is an important issue, but it is not the only issue,” Manson said.

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