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Manezando San Meadow campaigns for driver’s licenses for all Idahoans

Manezando San Meadow campaigns for driver’s licenses for all Idahoans

power of idaho Launched Manejando sin Miedo, which means ‘driving without fear.’ This is a campaign to support the creation of ‘restricted driver’s licenses’ for all Idahoans, regardless of immigration status. Manejando Sin Miedo is a campaign encouraging lawmakers to pass legislation allowing an Idaho-restricted driver’s license.

according to Pew Research CenterAbout 35,000 undocumented people live in the state of Gem, who would essentially benefit from obtaining a driver’s license.

“Some of the benefits that we will see for the undocumented community will be being able to safely operate a vehicle on Idaho’s roadways,” said Estefania Mondragon, executive director of Podar of Idaho.

Under current state law, undocumented individuals cannot obtain a driver’s license. Proponents of the change say the new licenses will boost the economy, with an influx of money for the DMV from titles and registrations amounting to as much as $700,000 in funding over 30 months.

Mondragรณn said, “Another thing is they’ll be able to register their cars. Right now, a lot of people use family members.”

The campaign proposes that, in order to be eligible for the new restricted driver’s licence, applicants would need to meet all of the usual requirements to qualify for a Class D licence. However, they do not have to provide documents such as a Social Security card.

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