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Magic Valley couple want to educate and change pet food for the better

Magic Valley couple want to educate and change pet food for the better

Twin Falls, Idaho – What’s in your pet’s food bowl?

Mike and Valerie Steinmetz, owners of Pet Wants Twin Falls, had a similar question that led them to start their own pet food business in Magic Valley.

The couple’s journey began when their very own Shibu Inu, Stella, had some reactions to store kibble. “She started getting kind of skittish. She started getting a little bit more itchy and I was just wondering if we’re giving her, you know, what she really needs,” Valerie said.

That’s when he learned about the nutritional deficiencies in most big bag pet food brands. Many are cooked at high temperatures which reduce the food’s nutrients and can be left on the shelves for more than a year.

Now, with their own franchise business for this ‘no corn or soy’, ‘no animal by-products’ product at home, Valerie and Mike can ensure their pets, and the lives of many others in Southern Idaho Have access to fresh and nutrient-rich cat food. and dog food.

โ€œEverything that goes into that food is thought about and there is a reason for it. We don’t have any by-products. We don’t add colorings, flavorings, any type of things. Whatever is in the food is for the benefit of the dogs,” Mike said.

“And we can get it from the manufacturer to pet bowls for our customers within forty-five days,” Valerie said.

Pet Wants carries treats, food and health products that will keep your pet in top shape. for more information, click here,

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