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Macomb County robbery suspect captured on Ring video days before arrest in Illinois

Macomb County robbery suspect captured on Ring video days before arrest in Illinois

NEW BALTIMORE, Michigan (WXYZ) – After being on the run for three days, a Macomb Township robbery suspect is in police custody.

FBI Springfield tweeted that the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jacob Edwards Friday afternoon.

Local authorities were searching for Edwards of Macomb Township after reports of a possible armed robbery at the Huntington Bank in New Baltimore Tuesday afternoon. According to New Baltimore Police, a weapon was said to have been used during the robbery, but was not seen.

He was last seen in the Macomb Township neighborhood, hours after allegedly robbing a bank.

Steven Noyce said, “I was expecting another one of our daughters to come home and I heard the ring camera go off.”

Noyce has five daughters, and it was clear that the man on her security camera was not one of them.

It is learned that the man caught on his ring camera matched the description of a fugitive who was believed to be armed.

“I didn’t know there was a robbery, but my wife immediately posted it on the Ring app and in five minutes it got about 2,000 views,” Noyce said.

Noyce soon realized that this man had committed a crime and may have had a gun.

“It was scary because I knew I wasn’t home. I called my neighbor across the street to check the house and the area. The police came out.”

They searched the area, but Edwards was nowhere to be found.

Two days later, Tippecanoe County representatives say Edwards was seen in Indiana. He allegedly assaulted a man and stole their truck.

“I was on edge because it hit so close to home,” Noyce said.

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Edwards was later found in Illinois with the stolen truck.

Noyce said, “A lot of people are saying that his friends were helping him and people were posting that he was in different areas, but until it is confirmed that he was actually caught, I Wasn’t going to believe it.”

Edwards was arrested Friday afternoon.

He was reportedly shot by a deputy during the confrontation but is expected to recover.

“Hopefully she gets the help she needs,” Noyce said.

Noyce says that once Edwards was identified, her daughter realized they were classmates at Dakota High School.

“As far as she knew, he was like a 4.0 student, always a very good student and he was just kind of a loner, I guess,” Noyce said.

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