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‘Jerk’ French Bulldog: Shelter Says Ralphie Will Need a No-nonsense Owner

‘Jerk’ French Bulldog: Shelter Says Ralphie Will Need a No-nonsense Owner

Ralphie is not your typical crazy French Bulldog. According to the Niagara SPCA, Ralphie is a jerk.

No-kill shelter posted information about Ralphie Facebook Page in hopes of finding an owner for the dog. However, his caregivers said they would not embrace Ralphie’s mistakes.

The post stated, “Ralphie is something of a terror in a small package.”

The shelter believes that the dog’s first owner did not set boundaries, leading Ralphy to believe that he is the owner. Ralphie was re-homed, but the shelter said he was surrendered because he was causing trouble with the owner’s larger dog.

The post from the Niagara SPCA said, “He’s a complete jerkโ€”not even half of it.

After the post was made, people questioned whether Ralphie really was a bad dog. The shelter posted another video in which he tried to bite off the fingers of a worker when he tried to retrieve a destroyed toy.

All hope is not lost. The animal shelter says that Ralphie has had some obedience training, but workers caution that he needs a no-nonsense owner.

People will be children or other dogs will not be considered.

The shelter says, “He’s 100% a complete jerk, but we believe he has the potential to be a good guy.”

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