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"Its a dream come true." Sting Ray Robb to race in Indy Car Series

"Its a dream come true." Sting Ray Robb to race in Indy Car Series

BOISE, Idaho — Sting Ray Robb has been a racer since the age of five, as the Payette native this week finished last in the most elite of a 27-driver field. indy car racing series in the country.

21-year-old Sting Ray will join Dale Coyne Racing and partnered with second year driver David Malukas to form the youngest team in the sport.

“It’s a dream come true, I’m living my little five-year-old’s dream in an Indy car and I’m looking forward to this season.”

A crowd of family and friends showed up at the airport to welcome Sting Ray to Idaho for a weekend ahead of work preparing for the upcoming season, first in line to hug Sting Ray’s mother Kimmy .

Kimmy Serrano said, “It’s really been a lifetime’s dream, to be able to achieve that dream and now it’s a reality.” “For a mom who’s been on this incredible journey, it’s so special to watch, I’m trying not to cry.”

Last time we checked in with Sting Ray, he won the Indy Pro circuit in 2020, next season he made the move to the Indy Lights circuit, which is baseball’s equivalent of going from AA to AAA, and now he’s in the major leagues. are in

Sting Ray said, “My mom didn’t warn me that everyone was going to be here, but it was great to see all the support.” “It’s great to see they are still part of the journey with us and now I can take them to the next level with me.”

The season will begin on March 5 with the first race in St. Petersburg, Florida, but before that there will be a preseason series test at Thermal in Palm Springs, and after this weekend, Sting Ray will spend a lot of time in the gym.

Sting Ray said, “There’s no power steering in Indy Car, so it’s very physically demanding. I’m hoping to be physically ready.”

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The racing season consists of 17 races including the grand daddy, the Indianapolis 500 which takes place on May 28.

Sting Ray said, “We did it, at last we did it.” “I’m just a small town kid, but it’s a nice place to live and I’m proud of where I come from.”

From the rural town of Payette to the bright lights of the Indy Car Race Series, this is a pretty amazing story of what it takes when hard work and being surrounded by people who support that effort get Sting Ray.

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