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Hollyoaks panel endorses Kelly Nijgoda Flanagan for Economic Development Board

Hollyoaks panel endorses Kelly Nijgoda Flanagan for Economic Development Board

HOLYOKE – The Public Service Committee of the City Council has recommended Kelly Nizgoda Flanagan for the Holyoke Economic & Industrial Corp. If approved, the appointment will run till June 30, 2025.

According to HEDIC’s mission, the board has the authority to “buy and sell properties, manage projects, approve financing, and assist private developers.” The commission also administers a loan program for new and growing businesses.

Mayor Joshua A. Garcia put forward the name of Nijgoda Flanagan for consideration. She will represent the finance sector on the Board of Directors of HEDIC. The full City Council must vote on the appointment.

HEDIC coordinates activities with the Sacred Office of Planning and Development. Niezgoda serves as director of lending for Flanagan common capital, A non-profit organization that helps small and growing companies.

Wednesday’s Public Service Committee meeting was chaired by Registrar Peter Tallman. He was joined by Ward 3 Councilor David Bartley and Ward 2 Councilor Wilmer Puello-Mota.

Niezgoda Flanagan, a Holyoke native, moved back to the city in 2006. “I wish I was more involved in the city and did more work in the community,” she told the committee. “It’s one of the reasons why I’m here.”

He added that Common Capital provides funding to small businesses and community projects to encourage opportunities for economic development. “If I can use my skills in a way that benefits the city, I’m happy for that,” she said.

Bartley said Nijgoda Flanagan’s appointment was a plus for HEDIC and the City of Holyoke. While he described HEDIC as an “obscure board”, the organization holds a long and important history in the city.

Councilor for Ward 3 suggested that Niezgoda Flanagan familiarize herself with the minutes of the previous HEDIC meeting. Bartley said, “There have been some controversial things, in my opinion, that have been raised, at least in the last one.” “I disagreed with some of them and expressed my disagreement.”

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Councilors-At-Large Joseph M. McGivrin and Tessa Murphy-Romboletti serve on HEDIC’s board. Bartley said HEDIC’s board has a mix of new and experienced members, including veteran Carl Egger.

John Dyjak of the Planning Department reported that HEDIC’s cash-on-hand was $1.7 million, responding to a question posed by Bartley. Talman said HEDIC’s goals are in line with the city’s economic development plan, which is a long-term blueprint.

McGivrin said Nizgoda Flanagan’s resume “speaks for itself,” and that she can offer financial sector experience. “The relationship with HEDIC and the city council is very important. Everything we do at HEDIC should become an economic development plan,” he said.

HEDIC must seek City Council approval for projects or proposals.

Niezgoda Flanagan holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Fordham University in New York. She sits on the board of Leadership Pioneer Valley.

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