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Gov. Maura Haley pledges to support migrants in Massachusetts

Gov. Maura Haley pledges to support migrants in Massachusetts

Governor Maura Haley indicated Friday that her team is evaluating strategies to ease the migrant asylum crisis in Massachusetts.

But it is unclear what the upcoming proposal will be – and how much it may reflect the former government. Charlie Baker’s unsuccessful $139 million supplemental budget request, filed in mid-November, sought to boost emergency shelter capacity as the state faced “significantly increased demand”. services, the previous administration had said.

“We expect to file something,” Haley told reporters on Friday after making the remarks at the Massachusetts Municipal Association’s annual meeting in Boston. โ€œCommunities โ€“ and communities as I said at the meeting here this morning โ€“ will need support. They will need resources to make sure they are supported at this time, whether it’s with housing needs or our schools Impact on Districts.

Haley announced to municipal leaders that she had issued her second executive order, setting up a working group to evaluate the best framework for a future housing secretary. The new governor has done away with the traditional dual structure of Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, having already appointed Yvonne Hao to the latter cabinet position.

Lamenting skyrocketing housing and rental prices, Healy said Massachusetts must boost its housing production to remain competitive — and ensure residents and businesses don’t relocate outside the Commonwealth.

But in her speech, Haley stopped short of detailing exactly how the administration would provide housing and shelter support as the Commonwealth experiences an influx of migrants. However, he pledged to file supplementary funding to ensure migrant children have “access to the education and support they need to learn and thrive”.

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Baker’s supplemental budget provided $73 million to add 1,300 temporary shelter beds and $37 million to help migrant children transition to local schools.

Unable to obtain legislative approval quickly, in December the former administration moved forward on opening a temporary intake center and emergency shelter at the Bob Eisengren Community Center in Devon, which officials said would house about 60 families or up to 125 individuals. Was able to

Baker’s Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Mike Keneally stated that as a right to shelter, Massachusetts “has a statutory and moral obligation to create adequate family shelter capacity for newly arrived and families experiencing homelessness.”

Haley could not say Friday whether future funding for migrants would be used for emergency or permanent housing.

“We’ll see, but we’re just evaluating it all,” Healy said.

As governor-elect, Healy last month acknowledged the influx of migrants into the Commonwealth and indicated she would unveil more concrete legislative proposals once she settles into the corner office.

Haley had said, “I expect to see this continue in Massachusetts, and we know that we all share a collective vision that there is a need to make sure that people are housed, and that they have food.” Yes, and take care of them.” He lauded the communities for stepping forward to help the migrants. “It’s also been a strain on resources. And you know, so we need to make sure we’re there with the support.

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