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Former Florida teacher launches YouTube channel to help students with math

Former Florida teacher launches YouTube channel to help students with math

TAMPA, Fla. — Math may not be every student’s favorite subject, but a former Florida teacher turned her knowledge into easy-to-watch videos to make math simple and stress-free.

Marcia Silberman took her talents to the virtual world, and she hopes it will help kids find the right answers with less frustration.

“Math really is everywhere. It’s in personal finance. It’s in budgeting. It’s in fractions and cooking,” said Silbermann. “It’s in analyzing how your favorite sports team is performing.”

Silberman is a former Hillsborough County school teacher with more than 30 years of experience. She retired from teaching and went into tutoring, explaining that she knew she still had a passion for working with students.

“With COVID, students have become really tech-savvy, so a YouTube channel where local students and even students from around the world can go to help will help,” Silbermann said.

math with marcia

Teacher Marcia Silberman started her own YouTube channel to help students who are struggling with math problems.

Silbermann came up with math with marcia, The YouTube channel launched in November and now has over 1,000 subscribers. It helps students and their parents with homework through simple, short videos with step-by-step explanations and examples.

“A classroom is moving at a fast pace. Everyone learns at a different pace,” said Silberman. “So students are able to stop, rewind, look at it again, and build that confidence, so they understand the language of math.”

Showing the teacher that helping students understand the answers, reducing the stress of the subject, can be tantamount to a path to success.

Silberman said, “There will come a time when I will retire, but these videos will live on and continue to help students everywhere.”

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This article was written by Mary O’Connell for WFTS.

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