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Families affected by flight cancellations celebrate New Years in Nashville

Families affected by flight cancellations celebrate New Years in Nashville

Nashville, Tenn. (WTVF) – Some visitors celebrated the holiday unexpectedly in Nashville when their flights to other cities were canceled.

Passenger Jessica Molter said, “We flew out on the 26th and were supposed to go to Boston. But, our other flight got canceled. That’s why we came here. That’s why we celebrated the holiday in Nashville.”

Molter and his family did not reach their intended destination.

“We found a nice hotel and stayed in town and did some fun things,” Molter said.

He was relieved to go home on Sunday. But, the reunion with their belongings was still in question.

Dozens of people were in the same crisis.

Leanne Tunks never made it to Cancun, but her luggage did.

“It was very disappointing. As I said we were going to pick up my son who is 12. It was part of his Christmas present,” she said.

After one of her connecting flights got cancelled, she decided not to risk getting stranded. Instead she went back home to Kentucky.

But even after a week, his bag was not returned.

Tunks said, “It’s been a little frustrating trying to go through the airline to find it. But, I’m sure everyone is trying to get to them as well.”

Other passengers were going home after doing everything they could to spend the holidays with family.

“We got stuck in Minnesota, we couldn’t get on the plane. Southwest closed and when we tried to rent a car, they were telling us, even though we had reservations, it would be 2-3 hours was waiting for.” Cameron Akrawi said.

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After finally finding a car, the price tag was hefty.

“It was $2,000 just to rent the car and it was more than it should have been,” Akaravi said.

Southwest Airlines posted a message on Twitter saying they are working on refunds for canceled and delayed flights.

But even after huge inconveniences, there are still questions in the minds of the passengers that how will they get compensation.

If you were affected by a canceled flight, Southwest is accepting requests for reimbursement for meals, hotels and alternate transportation.

If you need to request a refund, here is the link,

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