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Driver went on wrong way before crashing into business, worker killed

Driver went on wrong way before crashing into business, worker killed

A woman had died on Monday pinned down by a minivan One crashed through a business, injuring another employee as well.

The accident happened in Vail, Utah, just outside Salt Lake City. The occupation is “Engineering Engineering and Land Surveying”. The accident occurred just after 11:30 a.m. local time when the driver of a minivan was seen driving north on the south side of a busy road.

In the accident, a female employee got stuck at her desk in front of the store. First responders tried to save the woman, but she died soon after from her injuries.

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A male employee was taken to a local hospital, but officials did not immediately provide further details on his condition.

Police said the male driver of the minivan was reportedly traveling north on the city’s main street in the southbound lanes before the driver swerved onto a sidewalk and into a storefront. The driver was also hospitalized and his condition was not immediately known.

“Something like this, where a fatality is involved with us…the family is not expecting something like this to happen, then suddenly receiving news that a loved one has passed away. It’s a little hard to take,” Cpl. ” Colby Bentley with the Wayne City Police Department.

Investigators are looking into the accident and whether a medical condition or distraction may have been a factor.

A close friend of the driver’s family said it was believed the driver may have suffered a stroke while driving.

“We have to see whether it was a medical episode that led to this accident,” Bentley said. “If there was a weakness, if there was a distraction. There are a number of things that our officers and investigators are working on at this time to piece them together.”

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Crews at the scene cleaned up debris from the office, which was strewn across the parking lot. The office was occupied as the investigation continued.

This story was originally published KSTU in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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