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Dog in wheelchair finds forever home

Dog in wheelchair finds forever home

Lexington, Ky. โ€” Late December, A special dog in Lexington, Kentucky Needed a new house.

A few weeks later, Emerson, the German Shepherd, thanked the rightful owner for the rescue. claws 4 reason,

Emerson was born with severe spina bifida and uses a wheelchair to get around, which is why Paws 4 The Cause was determined to find the pup the right home.

They found that in Alyssa White, who this weekend drove about nine hours each way to adopt a dog she says stole her heart.

“It was very overwhelming,” said General Manager Anita Spritzer. “Kathryn and I both cried. From the minute I met that pup, I knew she was going to go on to bigger and bigger things.”

Emerson is now settling into her new life in Virginia with her mom and the rest of the dogs.

White said, “I knew her from the moment I saw her, I just thought she was definitely going to be my dog.”

Pause 4 The Cause says White is the perfect person for Emerson. She already has two dogs, Beau and Scout, and Scout has three legs.

White said that hasn’t stopped Scout from becoming an adventurous dog, and she has the same goal for Amy.

“Sometimes she’s thrown in my bag and that’s fine, but I want people to see if they’re active, they can certainly do that with a special needs dog,” White said.

She also plans to set up an Instagram account for Emerson so he can share his inspiring story.

โ€œEmerson is a perfect example, and my other dog Scout is too, that they really can conquer anything they set their mind to,โ€ she said.

While Emerson has been adopted, the work for Paws 4 the Cause has not. They are currently caring for several disabled dogs. for more information, Visit their website.

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This article was written by Evelyn Schultz for WLEX.

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