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Dear Annie: I moved my kids out of state but should we move back?

Dear Annie: I moved my kids out of state but should we move back?

Dear Annie: I’m writing in response to “Helpless,” the man who moved his family out of state and is now upset that his cheating ex has a close relationship with his relatives back home.

I think you are wrong with the advice to go home. He should remain where he is and take counsel at his place. Be active in some community events, with or without your kids. It helps to build adult friendships, a support group for childhood friends and family for children. Also, why should the “helpless” uproot their children again?

His ex will fall to the sword, and his family will seek to be reunited. He needs to build a new life, and at some point, that will probably mean a new wife. do not hold back; stay away. Withholding can trigger some deep, dark sides – not going to be good for her or the kids. Building a new, better life would be far more rewarding. I know; I went there. — stay here

Dear Stay Put: I definitely agree that “Helpless” needs to focus on looking forward and building a better future instead of living in the past. Whether he wants to settle in his new city or back with his family is up to him. Thanks for your information:

Dear Readers: Several of you wrote in with advice for the “Unfriendly Bet” who gambled on a particular college football game with a friend from his rival school. The stakes were high: The two discussed that, starting January 1, the letter writer would have to post a new photo of herself on social media every day for a year in a thong that read, “My school sucks.” The game was never close, and the odds ended up in his friend’s favor.

Many astute readers noticed that the terms of the bet were not clear or nearly as specific and argued that the thong could be worn over clothing or cleverly combined with headbands, hair combs, belts, scarves, hats and even Earrings could also be made. Others took it to mean “thong” flip-flopsโ€”all great, creative, and appropriate solutions to an otherwise potentially embarrassing and risky photo prompt.

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Here’s a follow-up comment from “Unfriendly Bet”.

Dear Annie: I wrote to you about losing a sports bet with my friend and posting the pictures online. Thanks for the advice. I decided to take my medicine like a man. To be honest, I was not shocked. Actually, the opposite of owning the deal. A few laughs at my expense, but generally good humor all around. Thank you for your suggestion! – Unfriendly Better is a great game

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