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Community Comment: TV-7 viewers react to Detroit trip and Newsmaker Awards

Community Comment: TV-7 viewers react to Detroit trip and Newsmaker Awards

WXYZ DETROIT — Before we get too deep into 2023, we need to do a little community comment catchup. Late last year, we did a station editorial about travel lemmings. Naming Detroit as the 10th Best place to travel in the world.

Robin Leslie Ranney wrote:

“This city has been through very difficult times. But I feel like it is going in the right direction from what it was.

Wendy Soto said:

“Thanks for posting this article. We have great restaurants, a first class museum, multiple theaters, all sports stadiums…downtown, and the largest outdoor market in the US.

Kenneth Alan Miles said:

“Only those who have traveled internationally and understand the power of the global economy will understand its fundamentals.”

Another viewer said:

“The world is going to hell if Detroit is #10. By no means does it beat all the tropical locations and European destinations.”

-Garrett Buffington

Carol Conway:

“It’s about time. No more negativity.

And one West Michigander wrote:

“I love Detroit. I live in Grand Rapids now, but I love traveling to the ‘D’ like a tourist.”

And that was the typical reaction to Rod Alberts being named our Channel 7 Newsmaker of the Year in our most recent editorial.

Auto dealer Thad Schott wrote on Facebook:

“What an honor it has been to work side by side with Rod Alberts for the past 4 years. Rod is the Newsmaker of the Year 2022! This honor is well deserved. Detroit, Metro Detroit, Michigan and Detroit auto dealers have been incredibly fortunate to have Rod in our corner for 30+ years. You are a rock star!

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And you can watch my spotlight this Sunday at 10 a.m. right here on 7 News Newsmaker Special.

Thanks for writing and watching.

I’m Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director
Broadcast: January 19 – 22, 2023

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