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Caldwell Police: Syringa Middle School substitute teacher arrested

Caldwell Police: Syringa Middle School substitute teacher arrested

Caldwell, Idaho — Caldwell police arrested a Syringa Middle School substitute teacher Thursday after several brawls in the classroom.

Authorities say the fight between two male students and two female students was instigated in the classroom by a substitute teacher, Mr. Atson Areola.

Caldwell police say that Arriola encouraged the students to fight for ten seconds while recording them. The video was eventually posted on social media, drawing the attention of CPD school resource officers.

After hours of investigation, police issued a warrant for Areola’s arrest. He is facing multiple charges, including four counts of injury to a child, one count of inciting a riot and four violations of the Juvenile Corrections Act, including encouraging a minor to fight.

“Mr. Arriola’s actions tear apart the fabric of our community and are reprehensible. The video is appalling, disturbing and unimaginable. This man was entrusted by his community to keep our
The children are safe and provided academic education, but they chose to feature a fight club in their classroom,” said Caldwell Police Chief Rex Ingram.

Caldwell police said no students were injured, and Arriola is prohibited from contacting the students involved and any students from the Caldwell School District.

“Caldwell School District has zero tolerance for this type of behavior. The personal safety and well-being of each child is paramount to the district. Immediate steps have been taken to ensure the safety of all students in the district. We look forward to working with the students involved.” providing assistance and actively cooperating with law enforcement,” said Dr. French, Superintendent of the Caldwell School District.

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