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Brian Walshe was spotted at a smoothie shop a day after wife Anna Walshe disappeared

Brian Walshe was spotted at a smoothie shop a day after wife Anna Walshe disappeared

New video has emerged of the Massachusetts father accused of missing his wife โ€” buying smoothies for their kids the day after she disappeared.

Brian Walshe can be seen strolling into Press Juice Bar in Norwell, about a 20-minute drive from the couple’s home in Cohasset, footage Posted by WHDH Show,

He was at the store on 2 January, a day after his wife Anna Walshe was last seen and two days before she was reported missing.

Store manager Hannah Connors told the news outlet, “It was busy โ€” I was just making stuff, so I didn’t really interact with her.”

“It was just transactions in the register and that was too much,” she said.

Citing a receipt with a time stamp of 9:57 a.m., WHDH reported that Walshe ordered five smoothies โ€” three child-sized chocolate peanut butter ones and two large ones with peanut, banana and honey.

Brian Walshe at a juice bar
Brian Walsh was captured on video at Press Juice Bar in Norwell, Massachusetts.
Brian Walshe at The Juice Bar
Walshe ordered five smoothies the day after his wife Ana disappeared and two days before she was reported missing.

“I remember him being on the side of the door, toward the entrance,” Connors told the outlet. โ€œNormally, people sit and hang out but he did not go there. He was just waiting for it and as soon as he got it he left.

Walshe, who was under home confinement on art fraud charges at the time of his wife’s disappearance, was allowed to leave the compound between 8 and 10:30 a.m. to take the three boys to school.

Brian Walshe in court
Brian Walshe was arrested on Sunday and pleaded not guilty on Monday.

In the clip, Connors Walshe can be seen leaving the store.

“I grabbed the little stopper on the door to open it, and he had the tray so I was like, ‘Oh, let me grab the door,'” she told WHDH.

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“We know our routines and stuff, but we were very busy,” said the manager. “I haven’t had any interaction with him, but just to think that he was here is absolutely mind-blowing.”

Walshe Family
Anna and Brian lived in separate homes while she was working in Washington, DC.
Instagram / Ana Walshe
anna walshe
Anna Walshe in an undated photo before she went missing.
Instagram / Ana Walshe

Walshe had told investigators that he had taken one of his sons to buy chocolate shakes, claiming that was the only place he went that day.

But officials said he later went to a Home Depot and bought $450 in cleaning supplies โ€” a violation of his parole conditions because all outings must be pre-approved by police.

Authorities reportedly found a knife and blood in the family’s basement, along with Internet searches made by Walshe on “how to dispose of a 115-pound female body.”

On Sunday, Walshe was charged with obstructing a police investigation into his wife’s disappearance after he claimed she had left for the airport to board a flight to D.C. on New Year’s Day.

The next day, investigators reportedly found more suspicious material โ€” including a hacksaw, a hatchet and a rug โ€” at a waste transfer facility in Peabody, a little more than an hour from Cohasset.

Walsh’s three boys are now in state custody.

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