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Blood Bank of Hawaii desperately needs your help

Blood Bank of Hawaii desperately needs your help

Honolulu (KHON2) — Blood Bank of Hawaii [BBH] is calling on the community to roll up their sleeves and help save lives.

This weekend, the BBH is grappling with a very low amount of O-type blood inventory. At this point, they’re on a half-day supply, which is dangerously low. Typically, they have a three day supply.

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BBH said that you should contact local blood banks from time to time to donate.

They are attributing the shortfall to fewer people donating blood and appointments and donors not fully coming back from the holiday season.

He also said this is due to the severe trauma cases that have increased in local hospitals, which are nearing capacity, and for ongoing surgical procedures.

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So, get out to that blood bank this weekend and help our medical professionals save lives. Who knows, that life could be yours one day.

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