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Alabama coach Nate Oates praises Missouri for handling fan’s Darius Miles comment

Alabama coach Nate Oates praises Missouri for handling fan’s Darius Miles comment

Alabama men’s basketball had an emotional victory at Vanderbilt shortly after the arrest of player Darius Miles. Throughout the game, head coach Nate Oates confirmed, Commodore fans were respectfully cheering for the upset of the No. 4 team in the country. In the Crimson Tide’s most recent road game, however, an unfortunate chant was thrown by a spectator.

Oates confirmed that a Missouri fan in the school’s student section made a comment about Miles and Jamia killing Jonah Harris. The fan was ejected and Oates appreciated how the program and the Mizzou Arena crew handled the situation.

“Yes, there was,” said Oates. “But I don’t need to address it. They took him out there. So for the most part, Coach (Dennis) Gates is great. The administration here is great. Sometimes college students don’t take things seriously. For the most part, it was fine.

From the broadcast on the SEC Network, it appeared that the Alabama players did not react. It was an energetic atmosphere as the Tigers tried to keep the game close through the end of the first half. Freshman Brandon Miller looked into the distance after silencing the crowd with a few 3-pointers.

As part of the team’s healing process, Oates addressed the team on Friday about possible “idiots” highlighting the situation on social media and in person about possible comments. Noah Clooney led a pregame prayer for all those affected by the incident.

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Rewinding No. 4 Alabama’s 85-64 Win at Missouri

“I’ve talked to our team about this,” Oates said. “Basically I told them this: If people want to be ignorant, and say things that are completely wrong – and in this case, I think, it’s not a case where anybody got in trouble. These are serious matters. There is a five-year-old Cain who no longer has a mother.

“It’s not something for me students to joke about. I just told our friends, if anyone had anything to say, you gotta be strong enough, tough enough. We came here to play basketball.” We know who we are, what we’ve done. We don’t — if they’re yelling at us, they’re completely out of line. Ignore them. Carry on.”

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Alabama remained perfect in the Southeastern Conference with the 85–64 win, improving to 17–2 overall.

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